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Our Conveyancing Services


When you are purchasing a property anywhere in NSW, whether it be a block of land, an existing home, a brand new apartment, or acreage in the country, we take care of all your conveyancing requirements from pre-exchange of contracts right through to the settlement of your matter.

  • Pre-Exchange Inquiries
  • Finance Arranged If Required
  • Flexibility With Deposit Bank Guarantees
  • Contract Review & Explanation
  • Auctions
  • Contract Exchange
  • Post-Exchange Searches & Property Inquiries
  • Stamp Duty
  • Settlement
  • Post-Settlement Report


It is a legal requirement that you have a contract for sale of land before marketing your property for sale. As your conveyancers, Mark Kelada & Associates will assist you during every step of this process, from the preparation of the contract all the way to settlement of the sale of your property.

  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Exchange
  • Discharging Your Mortgage
  • Settlement
  • Post-Settlement Report


Whether you are financing the purchase of a property, or shopping around for a more favourable loan on your existing property, we can assist you at every stage of the process. From providing you with contacts for competitive loans to achieving your financing goal.

Ask us how you can qualify for a huge cash-back by choosing one of our approved lenders to finance your property purchase or refinance your existing loan.

  • Loan Application
  • Unconditional Loan Approval
  • Post-Approval
  • Settlement
  • Post-Settlement Report


If you are in the process of Leasing a commercial property, we can assist whether you are a tenant or a landlord, to ensure that the Leasing process runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Lease Preparation
  • Liaising With Other Party
  • Settlement
  • Post-Settlement Report