Our Mission is Clear

Mark Kelada & Associates is the conveyancing team you can certainly trust. We can help you with all your property purchases, sales, leases and finances right across NSW. So whatever your conveyancing needs our team can help you at very competitive rates.

Our objective is not to just meet your conveyancing needs, but to greatly exceed your expectations of conveyancing excellence.

Over 18 years of conveyancing experience guarantees your peace of mind.


Why Choose Us?

Our exceptional experience ensures that your conveyancing transaction runs smoothly. As a result you’ll have no hassles or unwanted delays.


All-inclusive conveyancing fees are tailored to each client’s individual transaction. Therefore these include a written guarantee to protect you against any hidden fees whatsoever.


Similarly, a long standing policy to keep you fully informed each step of the way. From pre-exchange of contracts all the way to settlement and beyond.

You can contact us anytime. So, simply phone our office number 24 hours 7 days a week.